Koffee the future of reggae? Billboard certainly thinks so

Reggae artiste Koffee has been charting with Toast and W.

Billboard magazine is a global media publication, and therefore, when they make a pronouncement, it’s usually taken quite seriously.

So, when they say declared that Koffee is now the future of reggae, we know that a lot of people are probably going to be in agreement with this, especially since Toast has been riding several charts in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Billboard may be analysing the data they provide in terms of sales and streaming, and Koffee is the youngest artiste to top the reggae charts with her EP, Rapture.

With Koffee being only 19 years old, they just might be on to something, as while she has had major successes, she is still quite young. However, her growth potential is immeasurable with no limit in sight.

And, with her chances at earning her first Grammy next year being considered quite high, the world is now looking at her with great anticipation to see how far she will go.

So, what you think, BUZZ fam? Is Billboard correct in its prediction about Koffee?