Koffee’s Grammy win is a victory for all females in Jamaican music

Koffee is being hailed by other female acts for her achievement.

On January 26, 2020, the world received two major lessons. The death of basketball legend Kobe Bryant taught us that life is precious, and 19-year-old Koffee winning a Grammy award showed us that anything is possible.

For female singers in the Jamaican music industry, it was a moment that will not only be retold decades from now, but also one that declared the era of the female.

“I’m happy that it’s no longer male-dominated. For a young girl to be in this position of winning the Grammy just shows that the sky is the limit for young, female, upcoming artistes,” foundation reggae singer Marcia Griffiths told BUZZ. “I am really overwhelmed, and it’s such a wonderful opportunity, as doors will open for other young females singers and upcoming singers in the business. I’m so happy for her. I love her very much.”

Marcia Griffiths says Koffee always has an attitude of gratitude.

Attitude of gratitude

Griffiths said she gave Koffee her blessings in person at last year’s Welcome to Jamrock Cruise, and said Koffee’s ‘attitude of gratitude’ will always work in her favour.

“I love her humility and innocence the most, and that’s why everything good is happening for her,” she said. “I told her I am always here for her. I gave her my strength and blessings, and there are lots of other singers like Lila Ike who I love also and I’m really excited for these young women.”

Singer Ce’Cile says Koffee is simply refreshing.

Unapologetic authenticity

Ce’Cile said she had hopes of Koffee winning the Grammy Award for the Best Reggae Album for Rapture. For Ce’Cile, Koffee represents a kind of unapologetic authenticity which exudes in her sound and brand, which is something many females aspire towards.

“She is just refreshing and exceptional in a lot of ways,” Ce’Cile told BUZZ. “A lot of the struggles that someone like me has been through and many other females where you haven’t been really able to be yourself 100 per cent of the time… I am happy for her cause I see for the first time, someone who seems to be 100 per cent doing their authentic self and is excelling at it. She rings so true to me and so genuine, and what I like about her is that her music is pop, danceable and everything, but the message that she is conveying is some awesome messages that my daughter can listen to and it’s not like it’s lacking anything.”

Koffee celebrates after winning a Grammy award on Sunday.


She added that she would love to work with the genre-defying young star, even to just share a creative space.

“As a writer and as someone who has more music that is more authentically me unreleased, because she’s just genuinely herself and it’s OK at this time, I’d love to work with her, whichever way, production, whatever,” she started. “Just being in the room with such a creative young person is awesome to me. I’m impressed because I recognise this talent, and I think she has so much more in her. Wi just see the tip of it. I think she has a lot more to give us. I know there are at least 25 little girls who are like ‘wow, this can be me’. It’s a positive thing.”

Ikaya says Koffee’s win will inspire other females artistes.

Songstress Ikaya agrees, adding that Koffee’s feat is added inspo for her.

“I’m really elated about it because you know how it is for female artistes and the struggles we go through in even getting our records played,” she said. “To see another female doing her thing and bringing the music to another level, it’s a great feeling for me and it will definitely encourage us moving forward.”