Koffee’s Rapture re-enters Billboard Reggae top 10

Koffee’s debut EP, Rapture has re-entered the top 10 on the Billboard Reggae chart.

The dynamic Reggae sensation Koffee continues to make waves with her debut EP, Rapture, re-entering the Billboard Reggae chart at number 8.

Koffee's EP Rapture featuring at number 8 on the Billboard Reggae chart.

The Toast singer was recently included on former US President, Barack Obama’s Summer Playlist 2019.

The infectious, upbeat track was released as Koffee’s debut single, featuring catchy lyrics that had fans chanting “Gratitude is a must”.

Cover artwork for Koffee's single, Toast.

Eighteen-year-old Koffee is currently on tour in the US, where she is scheduled to be in Las Vegas at the House of Blues tonight (August 29). According to her website, the US tour is scheduled to continue until September 25 and then picks back up in Europe with her first stop in London, UK, on November 9.

Do you still have Rapture on your playlist?