Konshens and wife back together?

Konshens and wife Latoya Wright.

Maybe all of social media jumped to the wrong conclusion on Wednesday after dancehall artiste Konshens made the lengthy breakup post concerning his marriage with Latoya Wright.

A day later Wright made a not so cryptic post regarding her feelings about the breakup. Fast forward to that same night, when Wright decided to confuse us.

“Who told y’all I’m leaving my husband?” she questioned in an Instagram story. “We ain’t no pretenders, we are humans… We have our vulnerable moments and situations, we don’t paint it like we perfect, never have…”

She said she’ll be nursing Konshens to become “the strong man that he is”.

“He has a strong woman by his side and he will be nursed back to the strong man that he is and I will ensure of this. My family, including my husband is my #1 priority right now,” she posted.

But social media didn’t take too kindly to the roller-coaster they’ve been placed on for the past two days.

@purrfect_imperfect wrote: “And just like that we can unfollow you and you’ll be just as irrelevant….. #NEXT…. because you guys are becoming so annoying with this sh**t. Stay off Social media with y’all bullcrap if you don’t want anybody putting in their 2cents.”

@IrideInStyle wasn’t feeling too pleased either. “Before social media, we were just enjoying good music, now all these artists are pushing their drama and dirty laundry in our faces even when we not interested….. then they attack because we not interested….. #NEXT!

But it looks like Konshens was also up reading some of those comments and got up early Friday morning tweeting.

“A WIFE can decide not to leave her husband and ride sh**t with him no matter what, and people mad like they wasted their time, lol. You know it’s not the last episode of Power right?”

Well then, Okay!