Konshens claps back at social media user about not owning a Rolls-Royce

Dancehall artiste Konshens

Dancehall artiste Konshens recently said there’s no telling what can happen when he has time to spare, and he illustrated this by clapping back at a social media user who harassed him for not owning a Rolls-Royce.

It started when producer Rvssian posted a photo with the deejay posed up beside his white Rolls-Royce at a gas station. The photo, captioned “God is great”, was uploaded following Rvssian’s escape from a car accident on the weekend. While most folks commented sighs of relief and prayer emojis because Rvssian’s life was spared, one user had a different takeaway.

“Konshens a goodly the first yuh ever drive inna one rollce Royce,” the person said.

Konshens replied, “It was… what now?”

“You a legend inna di business fi bruk suh bro. Russian is just a producer and have so much luxury.”

The conversation continued with Konshens telling the man he’d send him US$5000 if he commented using his real profile.

“Yuh done gi weh yuh self bro. If yuh did have di 5k yuh woulda just run it to the PayPal without no more argument attach to it… Matter a fact this is my real page.”

Konshens insisted, “U want the 5k now?” and the man said yes.

“And this, my friend, is why u probably drove in alot of Rolls Royces without owning any,” Konshens hit back. “U love too much sweets. Careful.”

The man attempted to save himself by saying he’s a film director who has earned his living honestly. Konshens asked for his portfolio, trolling that he may employ him if he can afford it. The man dropped a link and his fees, and kept lamenting on the $5000 he didn’t receive.

“Next time don’t cap about sending 5k my ni**a, u only embarrassing yourself to go on Pinkwall and questimes and all the mixup pages.”

This is where Konshens stopped playing nice.

“GUH S**K U MADDA!!! mi bizniz bout broke talk b***ybwoy. Guh suck u big pu**y madda. Put dat pan any color wall an any site.”

Konshens’ friend and deejay Kemar Highcon quickly caught wind of the comments and added to the thread.

“Ni**a said any colour wall.”

The user targeted Highcon next, calling him Konshens’ shadow and a two-hit wonder.

Highcon clapped back, “Ummm you can guh s**k yuh out granny! Yuh aunty! Yuh sister!!!! And yuh gal if yuh have one!!!!!”

The user was left having a full-blown argument with himself in the comments while the artistes moved on with their lives.