Konshens encourages authenticity but catches flak for style

‘Live by your own rules’, that’s what dancehall artiste Konshens told fans when he took to Instagram on Saturday (August 30).

Dancehall artiste Konshens

The artiste dropped some motivational words for his fan base as he encouraged them to embrace their authentic selves, rehashing a once-deleted photo of himself sporting a punk rock style look.

“Represent for the youths who say what they want, do what they want, think independently, play by no one else’s rules, set their own rules according to their own feelings and own morality,” Konshens captioned a photo of himself posing atop a platform rocking a deep-cut long-sleeved shirt, black pants accented with a chain.

“Never pressed, live and let live and never judge,” added Konshens.

Konshens also used the occasion to share that he was looking for a name for his global fan base.

While Konshens’ message received support from fellow artiste like Demarco and Kemar Highcon, some fans were not exactly feeling his look.

“Go tek off deh blouse deh,” said one fan in the comments reacting to his shirt.

The comment deeply divided fans with some noting that dancehall artistes were becoming more diverse in their style of dress, while others thought the Americanisation of dancehall was problematic

“Do what they want?? That’s why u bore u nose 👃 🤦��‍♂️that don’t right as a Jamaican,” added another, as the war about Konshens’s style of dress captivated fans in the comment section.

Konshens has received flak in recent times, not just his dressing but for his new hairstyle and his latest music video for his track titled, Backaz, which some have said contains too many X-rated scenes.