Konshens says he is not suicidal

Dancehall artiste Konshens

Since his lengthy post on social media about his breakup with his wife, Latoya, Konshens has been getting a lot of feedback, both flack and support.

A big part of his post on Wednesday was about how his wife saved him from committing suicide countless times following the death of his brother, Delus, in 2016.

“I am in the best shape.”

— Konshens

However, he has now sought to set the record straight, insisting that he has too much to live for. He also said that he would not want anyone to say that he took his own life because of Latoya’s decision to end the relationship.

“For those worried about my mental health and depression, I will be attacking it,” Konshens said in his Instagram story on Thursday.

“And for those worried that I might be suicidal, I am in the best shape where that is concerned because I have one more reason added to my long list of reasons to stay alive.”

Konshens also took the opportunity to call on men to reexamine how they deal with relationships.