Konshens says he would never ‘dis’ Bounty Killer

Dancehall artiste Konshens

Konshens woke up on Thursday morning to news that he had apparently dissed dancehall veteran Bounty Killer for Alkaline, and he wants to make it clear that he did no such thing.

In fact, Konshens emphasized that that’s something he would never do, and that he’s all for dancehall unity.

“Woke up to “Konshens diss Bounty killa fi Alkaline”… you will neva live fi see dat. Not even know or care if killa an alka at odds. Bloggers unnu behave. “mi nuh frighten fi nobody… but mi RESPECT EVERYBODY” #DANCEHALL,” he tweeted.

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Now this Bounty and Alkaline beef has been boiling since 2018. The Vendetta artiste went directly into the Poor Peoples’ Governor dms and told him s**k his mother. This was after Bounty Killer referred to Alkaline as the biggest “Freakazoid” in dancehall.

But it appears Bounty Killer has been making not so subtle remarks regarding Alkaline’s Top Prize album. Telling his fans that the “Biggest and Baddest” album will soon be released.

“Since everybody and dem granny making album this year all of a sudden let me make this clear all who and who dropping dem little dumpling thing dweet fast and move bcuz when GIANT a feed up a pudding pan kerosene tin business in other words the BIGGEST BADDEST and the BEST dancehall Y’album for the last two decades is…………..LOADING,” he said in an IG post.

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But things came to ahead when Bounty Killer went into his comment section on Instagram to address some of Alkaline fans who appear to have taken residence there, demanding that Bounty Killer acknowledge the Vendetta Boss. But Bounty Killer made it clear that he doesn’t respect Alkaline.

“They all has to respect my contribution either way the fact that they are on my page yapping is acknowledgment but they are just upset that I don’t rate them brawta artiste bredda,” he said.

And needless to say, Konshens does not want to be apart of this drama.