Konshens says marriage is ‘super hard’

Konshens and his wife got married in 2017

Dancehall artiste Konshens and his wife Latoya have taken us on a bumpy journey since the two got married in 2017, filled with public breakups and breakdowns.

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You never really know whether these two are together or not, and it’s best you don’t try to keep up. If you’re a fan of the Bruk Off Yuh Back artiste then you probably hate watching him go through this. But you’ll also understand that it’s even harder for Konshens.

In an interview on Angela Yee’s Lip Service Podcast, Konshens said the couple finds it hard to part ways because they love each other.

“Me and my wife, we’ve been trying to breakup for two years now. People don’t understand what “in love” is. “In love” is a different thing than you just love someone. When you have love from somebody it’s totally different from being inlove,” he said.

He added; “Being in love is a totally different ballfield, its hard.”

Of course, he’s aware that he’s often judged because of the public nature of their breakups, but according to Konshens he has the edge.

“It’s crazy, when sh*t go on in the media and whatever, and I’ll see people, and men who in comparison to me have zero experience with women, and they trying to make it look as if I’m soft or some shit like for being in love and I’m laughing because most of the time their girl or their woman is in my dm,” he said.

So did he respond to any of these women while he was on a break from his wife?

“The wildest shit happen to me, wi bruk up, mash-up, this is over, so its not like we come to agreements and say this is what we’re going to be doing going forward, we f**king split up, so you cya complain,” he said.