Konshens says nothing is worst than a rapist

Dancehall artiste, Konshens

The outcry over the murder of 20 year old Khanice Jackson continues and Dancehall artiste, Konshens is among the latest entertainers to condemn the rape subculture.

“Mi almost sure seh dis pu**y yah rape di likkle girl an then him realize seh him affi go pay di price an decide fi kill di people dem child,” he wrote in an online post. “NOTHING PAN DIS EARTH IN A CIVILIZED SOCIETY NO WORST THAN A RAPIST an anybody disagree wid dat have di rapist blood inna dem.”

Like many of his peers, Konshens believes these crimes will continue if certain behaviours thrive.

“After the angry rants and posts and songs and after hopefully the right person head f**king roll fi dis I hope we don’t forget that we have a deeper issue at hand as a NATION,” he said.

Teach our boys love and care

“Dis anno di fus an it nah go be di last if we nuh start mek some changes as a people. We need to do more to teach our boys to love and take care of our Women AND to understand that no one is entitled to give u dem body no matter wah u do fi dem, wah dem have on, how dem gwaan…. no matter what!!”

He pointed to subculture mentalities that contribute to sexual assault, referencing Potential Kidd’s Yah So Nice, which endorsed choosing raping over homosexuality.

“We mindset f**ked as a people, we love criminality and celebrate criminals, thats why man can kill a granny but from anno our granny everyting good,” he said. “When we have grown people a mek argument seh rapist better than b*ttyman and have people agree to it show just how f**ked up our headspace is as a people. We need fi change we ediat mindset.”

It is for these reasons and more why he defends taking his daughter to firearm training sessions, clips of which he shared several weeks ago.

“Shooting, self defense and survival skills classes mandatory fi she and her bredda as soon as di place fully open. Anything to increase dem chances of survival in this world of wicked f**king people.”