Konshens says wife stopped him from killing himself: Deejay makes lengthy breakup post on IG

Konshens and his wife, Latoya, were all smiles on their wedding day.

This is not the sort of thing you would see in a break-up situation, but dancehall artiste Konshens is singing praises for his wife, Latoya, although their relationship seems to be over.

Konshens took to social media on Wednesday, telling his fans the important role Latoya has played in his life and that of his children.

In the emotionally charged post on Instagram, he disclosed that his wife stuck by him through many trials.

“Stop me from kill miself COUNTLESS times after mi bredda drop out an mi get f**king unstable. And counsel me when the world a come down pan mi,” he said.

Konshens’ older brother, Delus, died from an apparent suicide in June 2016.

The deejay further declared in the post that Latoya faced a lot of challenges in the relationship, which were as a result of his actions, but “she handle it all with class, maintain respect and protect me image.”

Describing Latoya as his ‘queen’, Konshens asserted that she aided him in life, raised his kids, guided him financially, but “me still find so many ways fi mek this f**k up.”

He, however, is now keen to support her in anyway that he can going forward, remarking that he is only a call away if she changes her mind about the relationship. Nonetheless, he wished her well.

Konshens also used the opportunity to clearly state that he is not seeking a new partner or relationship any time soon. Instead, he plans to focus on his music and children.

In the lengthy post, Konshens implored other men to change their outlook on life.

“Any man weh a clown demself can wise the f**k up now,” he said.

The deejay’s post comes after he and Latoya celebrated their second wedding anniversary on November 19. However, things had been rocky between the two, as it was only in August that Latoya made a social media post telling her followers that the relationship had come to an end.