Konshens urges men to be active in their sons’ lives

Dancehall artiste Konshens

A father of two, dancehall artiste Konshens is encouraging Jamaican men to play active roles in the lives of their sons.

In the Instagram post a few days ago, Konshens said: “MEN!! Be active in your sons’ lives. Teach them lessons the schoolteacher won’t and can’t.”

“Advise them with the knowledge you gained from your own mistakes. If not, he may become a fully-grown adult BOY,” said Konshens, who often shares photos and videos of his son and daughter.

“We are creating a world of narcissistic man-children.”

— Konshens

“He can learn street smarts and how to hustle, but who will teach him to avoid excess and to practice restraint? So much emphasis is placed on school and money, but we are creating a world of narcissistic man-children who will wake up one day and see a string of damage and important losses along the road to that coveted self W.”

The post was well-received, as it was liked more than 14,000 times.

“Realest talk I have heard from a man/father in a long while. Stay blessed,” one of his followers said.