Kranium clears up ‘Gal Policy’ debate, says the song was written for men

More than a year after the release of his Gal Policy hit, Kranium is breaking down the lyrics for fans who are split on the song’s intended audience.

Followers of the artist have been going back and forth online about whether the track is directed to the side chick or wife. In an Instagram Live on Friday, Kranium settled the debate by declaring that the song’s messages are intended for men. 

“Side chick think seh mi a tell them what the rules and regulations is and the wifey dem a tek it as fi dem anthem too which is fine…” he started. “It’s amazing how well-written the record is cause in actual truth, I was talking to whoever the man is of the female that I’m f**king… When mi seh ‘gal policy’ I was having a one-on-one conversation with the fella, not with a female.”

Conducting his own Genius Official Lyrics & Breakdown of sorts, the singjay deconstructed the song’s lyrics to establish his point. 

A clear contention was the lyric “after nine o’clock she cya call me” which many fans used to defend the song’s shade towards side chicks.

“I was never talking to a female, there was never a female inna di conversation, period…” Kranium said.

“I was just saying bredda, whatever you a do, yuh nah do it right because she a tell mi weh a gwaan and that’s why mi deh yah a mek she feel better so now mi a violate the house fi mek she feel better. So when you listen the song now, the logic of the song is not necessarily me a tell a side chick seh don’t phone mi nine o’clock or me a tell a wife fi tell her man fi mek sure seh no gyal nuh call. No. It was just me a tell a bredda seh weh you a do a f**kery and yuh nah do it right.”
Gal Policy, produced by Jahvy Ambassador, is featured on Kranium’s Toxic EP which debuted in February.