Kranium ‘In Charge’ with latest single

In the bedroom, it’s usually a partnership right peeps? However, that’s not the case with Kranium who wants everyone to know he is the one in charge.

Dancehall entertainer Kranium released his single In Charge
Dancehall entertainer Kranium

His latest track aptly dubbed “In Charge” is sexually charged and is along the lines that Kranium is known for. In this new track, the sing jay provides a melodic view of him being in charge when it comes to action between the sheets.

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He has just mined gold with his popular track “Nobody Has To Know” and based on the energy coming from this track, we might be looking at another hit with over one hundred thousand views already registered on YouTube since it was uploaded.

Kranium Nobody Has To Know

The video is also something to behold as Kranium has gotten some very flexible pole dancers to bring more sexy to the already sexy track.