Kranium laughs at his photo while celebrating 67 million streams on Spotify

After receiving 67 million streams on Spotify this year, you would think that Jamaican Kranium would be kind to himself.


But that was not exactly the case as he shared the good news with the world on Friday. Instead of just celebrating his wins, the entertainer literally trolled himself.

“Thanks for all the support,” he captioned the Instagram post showing his Spotify achievements on Friday. “BUT Now to management/ team .. please change this dolla van range truck shape broad face fake Rasta wanna be chronixx picture plz lol.”

While many laughed, fellow entertainer Hood Celebrityy seemed to fancy the photo.

“lol I like this picture though,” she said.

“It’s not a bad picture 😍and it shows your personality always,” another person added.

The image Kranium shared on Friday with his Spotify achievements.

Others thought he was being a little harsh on himself.

“Dolla van range truck shape broad face 😂😂😂 man a dealid himself suh,” one social media user said.

But photo aside, the post showed that Kranium had 7.7 million listeners from 92 countries on Spotify and that people listened to him for three million hours.

The second image showed his achievements for 2019. In that year, he had 54.6 million streams from 7.4 million listeners in 79 countries.