Kranium shoots his shot with Yanique ‘Curvy Diva’

Kranium wants another chance with Yanique ‘Curvy Diva’ and he’ll fly to Jamaica at her say-so to make it happen. The American-based singjay seemed to forget almost 3,000 people were glued to his personal conversation with the Lifestyle singer on Instagram this week, when he professed his feelings for her. 

Dancehall artiste Kranium

“Mi want a chance fi fix tings wid us,” he said after recounting memories of sleeping at her Stony Hill townhouse. “I have an American passport and a Jamaican passport, I long to see you.”

It was clear that the two have history together, as Kranium shared tales of Yanique’s “duppy-infested” home and how he refused to eat the shrimp and rice dinner she prepared for him out of fear she’d “tie him”.

But with time and getting to know each other better, Kranium seems to trust the social media influencer now and laid his plans at her virtual table.

“The first time mi meet Curvy Diva she style mi. I met you walking in the parking lot and I was so starstruck…”

– Kranium

“We’re gonna move in together, we’re gonna have a wonderful life, we’re gonna help each other, go to studio together, help each other record, tell each other the truth about what record is right, what business we should be investing in,” he started. “We’re gonna share stories about each other’s tours, we’re gonna talk about how great each other’s night was…everything. You’re gonna give me financial advice, we’re gonna do fun stuff together…go the park together, picnic…I feel like there’s not a lot of people I can talk to that talk to me like how you talk to me… and I think that you’re a very smart person and there’s so much advice that you can give me to help me to become a better man.”

His proposal sounded more like a business relationship or BFFs, and Yanique hit him with the “hmmmhmmm” and suppressed blushes. 

“All a dat sound nice, I want marriage, I want a child…yuh never mention nuh marriage, yuh skip round it. Yuh waan me to shack up wid yuh?” she asked.

Yanique ‘Curvy Diva’ Barrett

But for Kranium, “marriage doesn’t work like that”. The We Can singer believes in cohabiting to test compatibility and see one’s true colours. The Seventh-Day Adventist in Yanique disagreed, saying the marriage could work through compromise.

They first met several years ago after Kranium’s song Nobody Has to Know hit mainstream in 2015. He recalled coming to Jamaica to do interviews when he saw Yanique at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in Kingston.

“I’ve been watching you for a long time, mi just did fraid fi talk to you,” he said. “The first time mi meet Curvy Diva she style mi. I met you walking in the parking lot and I was so starstruck…”

Kranium said he was brushed off by Yanique the first time he saw her in person.

After calling out to her, she brushed him off.

“After mi a watch Yanique how long pon Magnum Kings and Queens… mi nuh know wah fly inna my head fi feel mi have leverage now… And the f**k up thing is, a no like Yanique a walk wid a man enuh, Yanique a walk by herself. Yanique, yuh deven look enuh.”

The universe conspired and they ended up in the same spot in 2018. She even played his love interest in his music video for Last Night, released that year. While they never confirmed an intimate history, Yanique seemed apprehensive about venturing down that road, saying, “We’ll see Kranium, Kranium have to behave himself.”

He responded, “I always behave.”

Between his herb rolling and her wine sipping, she raised concerns about the conversation fuelling rumours about them.

“I don’t give a f**k weh people waan fi seh,” said Kranium. “A nuh like a monkey mi a try talk. Yuh nuh see a good, pretty, bloodcl**t girl mi a try talk to?..  A nuh like seh yaa f**k wid some whacka** nigga… so you good, you safe. I’m different from all the rest…”