KSAMC unveil murals recognising Reggae icons in downtown Kingston

The Kingston & St Andrew Municipal Corporation (KSAMC) unveiled its latest set of murals on Wednesday (April 21) paying homage to Reggae icons.

The murals, which have beautified the walls along Mark Lane in Kingston, were commissioned by the Corporation, as it seeks to transform the downtown core.

Kingston Mayor Delroy Williams explained that the vision behind the project is to transform sections of downtown into what has been dubbed a ‘Kulture Kay’.

“We have a vision for the space to be transformed into what we have dubbed ‘Kulture Kay’,” the Mayor said

“Once the entertainment industry reopens, we will see the spaces used much more,” he added.

Mayor Williams also shared that there were plans in place for the street to be pedestrianised and outfitted with decorative bricks-similar to neighbouring Water and Temple Lanes.

According to Williams, the repair work has already started on the sidewalks and will continue once the murals are completed.

Williams used the occasion to share that there will be greater opportunities for local artists under the ‘Paint the City’ project that is to be launched later this year.

“The Paint the City project will bring the history and culture of many communities to life and provide employment directly to thousands of creatives,” said Williams

“Both the Ministers of Finance and Local Government are very keen on this and we are excited about the transformation that it will have in our city”, added Williams.

Williams further noted that he was encouraged by the work that the Ministry of Culture, local creative persons and corporate Jamaica have done, in relation to murals and their impact on the brand of the city.

While he encouraged local artists to continue painting murals across the city, Williams asked that persons seek the necessary permits from the Corporation and property owners.

The murals painted by Roshane “Paige” Taylor, Simone Racquel Williams, Joshua Solas, Anna-Lisa Guthrie and Monique Kidd showcase Peter Tosh, Gregory Isaacs, Desmond Decker, Millie Small, Bunny Wailer and Sister Nancy among other cultural pioneers.