Kuzikk to clean up dancehall

Newly formed trio Kuzikk (Q-zik), hopes that their latest single Atomic will change dancehall. Launched on October 24 at Ultimate Ultra Lounge in New Kingston, the new song features the combined talents of Kamau Imhotep, Krysiwebb and Kool Johnny Kool, performing collectively as Kuzikk.

The trio that is Kuzikk, Kamau Imhotep, Krysiwebb and Kool Johnny Kool.

According to the group, the crux of Atomic is that it will hit as hard as dancehall, but doesn’t contain the constant references to sex, violence and accompanying profanity. Imhotep coined it vegetarian music at the single’s launch event. The song draws on the traditional dancehall format with Krysiwebb pulling the harmonies while Imhotep and Kool Johnny Kool belt out punchy lyrics.

Atomic is now available on all major digital distribution platforms from Malakhii Records, and can be found on their social media channels. Kuzikk has high expectations for the song and are already back in the studio working on new material to support Atomic.

Officially formed in January 2019, Atomic is the group’s first original song as their debut was a cover of Let’s Do It Again, the 1975 hit written by Curtis Mayfield and performed by the Staple Sisters. Horace Morgan — Imhotep, brought the group together due to a long standing friendship with Dalbert Wright — Kool Johnny Kool and being recently introduced to Krystal Webb — Krysiwebb.

Kuzikk performing their new single Atomic live at the song’s launch on October 24.

Morgan was the lead singer for the Dubtronic Kru. He has four albums to his name, one solo and three with Dubtronic Kru. Wright matches that number with his fourth, Quest, released in 2017. Webb toured as backup vocalist with the likes of Anthony B and has several singles to her name over the length of her career. The three collaborated on several projects before cementing themselves as Kuzikk.

Kuzikk explained that they’re in the music business for the long haul, creating music that can stand the test of time. Their next single Chill is expected to hit the streets soon.