Kyng Chappa aiming for the top

Dancehall artiste Kyng Chappa

Up and coming artiste Kyng Chappa is aiming for the pinnacle of music as he continues his journey in the industry.
Despite being in the business just over two years, the 23-year-old has his eyes set on his winning a Grammy and believes with his incorporation of trap music into his dancehall flow, might just allow him to make this dream a reality. 

“You know mi a pree the top tier, is a Grammy mi a pree inno, that’s why mi like the trap aspect because right now if you pree the history of the dancehall and so a man like Shaggy and man like Sean Paul that cross over the realest way and make real accomplishment inna that deh field deh. So mi a pree fi try go up inna dem region deh also caz we na pree small” he told BUZZ in an exclusive interview recently.

Kyng Chappa’s said he gravitated towards trap simply because he likes the beats, however, he brings his own flavour to it.

“Sometimes mi use beats that would be trap and mi put the dancehall culture pan it so it na officially be like trap music or rap music, a still dancehall inna sense, like ‘trap hall’, a mixture but mi still do hardcore dancehall still but you done know that a my feel like, the trap hall” he said.

So far he noted that he has been putting in the work and his track FN has been generating quite a buzz. “A track that I have out is FN, whole a youth rate that deh tune deh. It come een like a ghetto prayer fi the thugs inna the street, positive vibe and stuff inno” he pointed out.

Kyng Chappa will soon be releasing more hits

He disclosed that he has a few more tracks set for release in short order with Drugs Boat and Trap Gad and he’s of the belief that these two tracks along the Spielberg produced Dial will follow on the success of ‘FN’ and make him a household name. 

“Is a Grammy mi a pree inno.”

— Kyng Chappa

Despite his plan for his future success, Kyng Chappa is currently not signed to a label but explains that he’s been making some valuable connections in the industry.

He shared that he is currently working on some projects with the One Time music group and a potential collaboration with billboard charting artiste XO Tingz is on the cards.

And although the pandemic has affected his breakthrough in music, he’s hopeful that with the recent changes and shows coming back he’ll be able to reach further with his music.