L.A. Lewis arrested, claims he’s being targeted for spreading COVID propaganda

Controversial dancehall artiste and entertainer L.A. Lewis was arrested on Sunday (June 27).

While it is unclear why Lewis has been taken into police custody, the self-styled seven star general claims he is being unfairly targeted by cops for sharing the truth about the COVID-19 vaccines.

Clad in his customary all white attire, now complete with handcuffs, he declared that he is being held against his will by law enforcement and that his detainment is unconstitutional.

“That’s why them wan lock mi up inno caz through a mi a tell the police a mi a tell the people for don’t tek the vaccine, so a di vaccine thing mek dem a try kidnap me now. This is unconstitutionally am not a Jamaican citizen, mi waive da right deh long time” he remarked in a video recording.

LA Lewis arrested

Posted by Mobay Tory – MBT on Sunday, June 27, 2021

However, a police officer is heard cautioning him to be careful of his words, indicating that he would have his day in the court to answer to the charges, which have not been made public.

It is believed that Lewis has been held on a bench warrant after he failed to show up for court in March on a charge of breaching the Disaster Risk Management Act.

It is reported that in October last year, Lewis was a part of a group that took to the streets of Spanish Town to protest the order from the government to wear masks.

The police intervened and they were told to disperse but they refused.

They were subsequently arrested.

He had been set to appear in the St Catherine Parish Court along with two others but he did not show up.

Lewis said that at the time of his arrest he was doing Maroon business.

In recent times, Lewis declared that he is a Maroon of the Nyan Ko Pong tribe of which he holds the title Paramount Chief High Priest.