LA Lewis leads group spreading ‘harmful’ message that COVID-19 is a hoax

With more than 7,000 Jamaicans infected by coronavirus and 123 dead, LA Lewis is leading a protest openly questioning the virus’ existence.

La Lewis (Photo: Trillionaire Records)

In a clip making the rounds on social media, Lewis and several others members of the Nyan-Ko Pong nation, are seen without masks, ignoring established physical distancing protocols and protesting the Government of Jamaica’s, and internationally reinforced, stance on the virus.

One protestor told JNN Frontline News in a report, “People have to get up and fight back for your rights. Do not wear any mask, is a common flu. Coronavirus is just a common flu and we have herbs, we have fruits and vegetables, Mother Nature will provide for her people.” She later said they will not sanitise, obey the curfew or “live under nuh new normal”.

“These ppl have LA Lewis leading them…. people out here dying and these people saying it’s a common flu.”

– Twitter user

The horrifying, and blatantly inaccurate, message was repeated on placards held by the demonstrators. One bore a sign that read, “It’s a scamdemic”, another said “Our ancestors are with us” while a third stated, “Jamaicans are not your guinnea pig!! We don’t need any foreign aid!!”

The sometime-deejay, Lewis, labelled the Secretary of State of the Nyan Ko Pong, said the media are part of spreading misinformation about the virus, adding that they are violating international statutes by doing so.

“Under the United Nations, and the Geneva and under the Constitution, if you do not tell the people dem the truth, not the workers, but the owners and the managers dem shall go to jail, not only in Jamaica, but all over the world,” Lewis said.

He also shared unsubstantiated views that media companies were receiving funds from the Prime Minister of Jamaica, Andrew Holness, to share news on the coronavirus.

The absurd claims received overwhelmingly negative responses on social media, as many criticised the remarks as ‘irresponsible’ and ‘harmful’.

One user said, “Nothing of substance from anybody, to even try to defend or prove “their” point.” Another added, “So they know more than the health experts worldwide? Wow. When I’m a Dr I need to find her. 120 dead and it’s just a flu…”  

While a third added, “The lack of education in a society is always a big problem.”

More than 35 million people have been officially diagnosed with COVID-19 globally -but the World Health Organization says that number may be closer to 760 million – and over a million have died.