Leah Tavares-Finson defends attending Queenie’s wedding

Leah Tavares-Finson, daughter of former beauty queen Cindy Breakspeare and defence attorney Tom Tavares-Finson, is defending her appearance at Queenie’s wedding last Saturday.

Her clap back follows mean comments left under a photo posted by Queenie. The image shows Queenie’s husband Dwayne ‘Dowey’ Scarlett in the centre with one arm around his wife’s waist and the other around Tavares-Finson.

Though Queenie’s caption screamed friendship and support, all some women saw was an out-of-place woman with ill intentions.

“Mi nuh trust the white gyol,” one comment read.

“Suttun bout dah whitey mi nuh too trus enuh queen.”

“Who is the pasty mermaid queening? Wid dem dough breast looking well comfortable.”

“Queenie watch r coz the whole a we will tear up r**s them love ppl man to much nuh trust r nah lie.”

Tavares-Finson, who also shares a son with dancehall artist Jahvillani, wasted no time in addressing the critics via her Instagram Story.

“Let me address this here and NOW since you stupid f**ks want to annoy me on Mr. Holness weekend of purgatory!” she started. “First and foremost I was asked and invited to the people wedding and as a bridesmaid. Like yeah let’s turn up at people wedding to steal their man. Some of you are so b**** cl*te simple!”

She continued, “Secondly I sent a picture of the dress to Queenie BEFORE and she LOVED it so F**K OFFFFFFFF. Lastly we ALL stood for the pic but in fine Queenie style she started waving and enjoying her goddam wedding! Look at the adoration on the man face! Lastly to the dawg cunt sh*t who referred to me as GYOL go f**k you self and when you done chuck off deep and far into supm rotten.”

Tavares-Finson isn’t new to clapping back, and is surely no stranger to popular people and spaces in dancehall. Nonetheless, she ended her message with an apology to her family.


Interestingly, she had posted the same photo on her page a week ago and was shown love. Her caption read:

“To my family – Queenie and Dewy: it’s never easy, be gentle with your words. Hug up even when your mad at each other. Dewy, she strong but always wipe her tears and lift her bags.”