Left Eye and Tupac were in love: What we learned from the new Lifetime docu-series

It is said that Left Eye and Tupac were in a relationship.

We all remember rapper and songwriter Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes as one-third of the 90s girl group, TLC. We remember her futuristic fashion sense in the No Scrubs music video; we remember that condom accessory on her ‘left eye’ when the group emerged with Ain’t Too Proud to Beg; we sing along to her sexy verse on Donell Jones’ You Know What’s Up…and we also remember when she accidentally burnt her boyfriend’s luxury mansion down after the two got into a nasty fight.

In a new Lifetime docu-series dubbed, Hopelessly in Love, the pop star’s tumultuous relationship with former NFL wide receiver Andre Rison is explored, and sees Rison giving his first detailed account of his side of the story.

Left Eye had a rocky relationship with NFL player Andre Rison.

The two started dating after meeting in a club in 1993 and continued an on and off, abusive relationship until the early 2000s.

Though Lopes passed away in 2002 following a car crash in Honduras, fans are up for some major bombshells, as the documentary unveils secrets about the rapper’s life from her having two miscarriages to her mother foreseeing her death.

In case you missed it, here are the top ‘What the fluff?’ moments you should know about Lopes and her relationship with Rison.

Left Eye and Tupac were almost a thing!

How it go?!?

Lopes was open about her fondness for Pac in video interviews, but she never detailed the true nature of their relationship. According to record executive Suge Knight, Tupac refrained from sexual activity with her as he had plans to make her his queen.

It is believed that Tupac wanted to make Left Eye his queen.

“He was like, ‘Well I’m gonna be with her so if Imma be with her. I just don’t wanna f**k her’. He was like, ‘I’m really gonna be with her’ and she really wanted to be with him too,” said Knight.

Lopes’ sister, Reigndrop added: “I think Andre probably assumed that Lisa and Tupac slept together or had sex but actually Tupac told Lisa in the very beginning, ‘Never let me sleep with you’ and they stood by that.”

Pac died in September 1996, days after being gunned down. Lopes painted a portrait of the West-coast rapper and engraved the words “we’ll be together in 10 years” at the back.

I cannot make this up.

Rison is married, and his wife’s name is Lisa Lopez!

Call it coincidence, call it crazy, call it creepy, but Rison is married today to a Latina named Lisa Lopez. While he didn’t address how they met, he said he is happy and doesn’t hide his past relationship with Lisa Lopes (the confusion of it all!) from his children.

Lopes was involved with Suge Knight

CEO of Death Row Records Suge Knight claims he was intimate with Left Eye.

According to the Death Row Records boss, he and Lopes became intimate after she decided to embark on a solo career at the turn of the millennium. After agreeing to help her through his label, Knight said she appeared at his house with her clothes, and things started from there.

Even though Lopes and Rison were still on shaky ground, and Rison had racked up numerous affairs of his own over the years, he said that was the last straw.

Rison’s sister claimed Lisa worked Voodoo on him

Andre Rison’s sister claims Left Eye cast a spell on her brother.

Rison’s sister, Raquel is picking up heat on Twitter for being ‘pressed’ about Lopes even years after her death. Raquel said she met a lady who hinted that Lopes “put a spell” on her brother, and went investigating. Raquel claimed she found her comb in a bag owned by Lopes, which she said was proof that the rapper had performed Voodoo on the athlete.