Let the adventures begin! Jah Cure creates YouTube channel

Reggae artiste Jah Cure

Reggae artiste Jah Cure has finally created a YouTube channel to document all his adventures around the island.

Some weeks ago, Jah Cure had asked his fans on Instagram if they think he should create a YouTube channel, and they responded with a resounding ‘yes’.

The Life We Live artiste obliged and uploaded his first video, titled ‘Seaside Breakfast Adventure’. Right at the seaside, at an undisclosed location, Jah Cure roasted breadfruit, which he calls ‘sky fruit’. The breadfruit is then served with some roasted lionfish, which he sourced from fishermen nearby.

Jah Cure takes viewers through the preparation of the fish and breadfruit. And at one point, he stopped to eat a piece of the breadfruit with just some butter.

“Weh unuh know bout Jamaican life?” he asked while biting into a piece of the breadfruit. “People, all men die, only a few ever live.” He was clearly enjoying his meal.

Viewers are then treated to short clips showing the tranquillity of his environment, and it’s lush vegetation.

The video is only six minutes long and has received almost 40,000 views already.