“Let’s settle this” : Shenseea addresses autotune rumours

It seems all those autotune rumours aren’t sitting well with Shenseea.

Shenseea took to Instagram last evening to dispel rumours she used autotune on her sit collab with Taurus Riley, ‘Lighter’

Following the release of Lighter, a collaboration with reggae artiste Taurus Riley, many listeners commented on the fact that the song just sounded too…good?

That’s right, they thought the notes being hit by the ‘Princess of dancehall’ were just beyond her reach.

Well, the Sure Sure singer didn’t take too kindly to the social media jabs and questions surrounding her talent and sought to put all doubts to rest.

Shenseea shared a clip of herself lip syncing along to the hit track before the music cuts and she said “Alright, let’s settle this, shall we?”

Singing acapella, Shenseea belted the notes of the song’s chorus, high notes and all, and…it was almost as good as the studio version.

The singer ended the minute-long clip with a challenge for her followers to share their renditions of the song.

“Calling all a mi singers dem, hit this note, post it on Instagram and tag me so I can repost you guys.”

And proving that she’s not taking herself too seriously, Shenseea threw in a hilarious bit of yodeling at the end.

So what do you think BUZZ fam, did Shenseea convince you!