Life after Hedonism

Gabrielle Kassel, an American sex and wellness writer, came to Jamaica for a ‘sexcapade.’ BUZZ Fam, you know Kassel’s needs were not met, right?

Kassel had a lot of sexual encounters and partners in the past. However, she decided to stop having sex and just to write about it. She recently celebrated her one-year ‘sexless-versary.’

When Hedonism II, an all-inclusive, adults-only, clothing-optional resort in Negril, invited Kassel to experience the resort, she jumped at the opportunity. Kassel wrote that her plan was to “get laid and rid myself of my dry-spell”.

Gabrielle Kassel

Upon arriving, her expectation of what Hedonism II would be and look like is exactly what she experienced. Naked people everywhere, an all-you-can-eat-buffet, couples having sex in a swinging hammock, orgys, you name it, it’s there. But strangely it did not stimulate her.

She compared sex with food by saying, “If you’re starving, watching other people eat won’t satisfy your hunger. Watching a food-eating competition could actually make you less hungry.”

Kassel left Jamaica and went back to the states sexless. She said she realized she was on a self-actualization journey. Kasel said she learned that she didn’t want sex, what she wanted was human touch, cuddles, massages, etc.

Stay thirsty my, friend.