‘Lightning’ leading name ideas for ‘Baby Bolt’

Jamaica’s sprint heir-apparent already has some interesting name ideas lined up, as social media brims with excitement at Usain Bolt’s announcement of longtime girlfriend Kasi Bennett’s pregnancy.

Obviously, the couple has the final say in the naming of their child, but will that stop Jamaicans from offering their ideas? Never.

For many, Kasi is literally carrying the hopes and dreams of an entire nation, and they’ll be damned if they chose any ‘regular’ name for ‘baby Bolt’.

Leading the pack is Lightning, a nickname that is often used to embody the world’s fastest man.

BUZZ presents the top seven picks of possible names for ‘Baby Bolt’:

1. Lightning Bolt

2. Dash Bolt

3. Flash Bolt

4. St. Leo Bolt

5. Kasi + Usain = Kasain Bolt

6. Olympia Rosé?

7. Kasia Beijing Bolt

Well, BUZZ fam? How are we feeling about these name ideas? Do you find any appealing? What are your suggestions?

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