Like a movie: US Ambassador Donald Tapia makes ‘buzzy’ return

Apparently, Donald Tapia, the United States Ambassador to Jamaica, has a few funny bones that we were not aware of until today.

Donald Tapia, the United States Ambassador to Jamaica

Yes, BUZZ fam, he made his return in fine style on Twitter.

On Wednesday afternoon, Tapia, who was flown to the United States some weeks ago for a medical procedure, shared a video on Twitter to signal his return.

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The 10-second clip begins with Tapia’s back turned to the camera while a suspenseful background score is being played. With a copy of a newspaper being held directly in front of his face, Tapia turns in his chair to reveal his face (although it wasn’t exactly hidden in the first place).

“I’m back,” he says at the end of the clip, which is captioned: “Jamaica, mi deya!”

The 82-year-old definitely scored some points for the video that has been viewed more than 13,000 times. It was also liked close to 400 times and retweeted more than 200 times.

“Dah one yah bad still. I gotta give you that,” one person said.

“Best part of my day. Thank you. Look forward to having you stick around,” another added.

Another social media user said: “Tapia have a buzz.”

He was also commended for his sense of humour.

Tapia’s return comes more than a month after it was said that he would be going to the United States to get non-life-threatening medical treatment.