Like Nailah Blackman’s style? Well you’re sure to love her clothing line

Nailah in a piece from Sokah Gyal

One of the first things that stands out about soca songstress Nailah Blackman is her bold sense of style, so it should come as no surprise that she’ll soon be launching her own clothing line.

The line has been aptly called Sokah Gyal, and has been quietly making its debut from as early as April this year.

Nailah has made no official announcement about the line, however, she listed herself as designer for the line in her Instagram bio. She has also tagged the line in quite a number of posts throughout the year.

Based on her tagged posts, pieces from Sokah Gyal include a yellow tribal print two-piece that she wore to Coachella in April, tan-coloured slacks and crop-top at Ubersoca Cruise in November and of course, several pieces during her recent concert Sokah Origins in early December.

For those who follow the songstress, the idea of her own clothing line isn’t too far-fetched. During a Caribbean Beat interview last year was when she announced that she’d be launching a line called Sokah, formerly owned by her mother, Abbi Blackman.

The subtleness with which Nailah has been wearing her own pieces echoes that of pop princess Rihanna, who—without anyone knowing—publicly wore several pieces from her own line before it was announced that they were items from FENTY, the fashion house she founded under the luxury fashion group LVMH (Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton).

While the Instagram page doesn’t currently have any posts, it’s believed that she’ll drop the collection sometime during the fast-approaching Carnival season in Trinidad and Tobago, which is perfect timing for fans to emulate her eye for fashion during a period where everyone’s style is expected to be over the top.

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—Article written by Ricqcolia Phillip