Lil Nas X’s ‘Satan Shoe’ buyers to get full refund

Did you cop one of these shoes?

If you had gone and bought one of Lil Nas X’s Satan Shoes then you are eligible for a refund. MSCHF, the Brooklyn-basedart and design studio behind the customized Nike’s Air Max 97s will be buying back all the shoes from customers for a full refund.

This is as per the lawsuit settlement reached between the two companies.

As part of the agreement, MSCHF will issue a voluntary recall for the Satan shoes, buying back the sneakers at the $1,018 sale price. Nike said it hoped the recall would remove the shoes from circulation.

Only 666 pairs of shoes were customized.

“The parties are pleased to put this dispute behind them,” a Nike spokesperson said in a statement.

Nike sued MSCHF for copyright infringement over the Satan Shoes which caused quite the stir online.

The shoes feature the pentagram symbol, a Bible verse that references Satan, and allegedly a drop of blood from one of MSCHF’s employees.