Lila Ike ‘Batty Rider Shorts’ recognized by VEVO

Lila Ike

Recognizing the potency of the message coming from Lila Ike’s latest track ‘Batty Rider Shorts‘, VEVO has featured the video on their Twitter account.

The streaming service highlighted Lila’s inspiration for the track while also adding a snippet of the music video for reference to potential viewers.

“Lila Ike gets real on protecting underage youth in ‘Batty Rider Shorts’. The Jamaican reggae artist was inspired to write the song after seeing someone taken advantage of by someone who should have been looking out for her,” the major endorsement read.

The official video for the track has been on YouTube for just over a day and has already reached over fifty thousand views on the streaming platform where it continues to trend.

Lila Ike shared that she had been working on the song for the better part of four years after observing such a situation in her own community and is now issuing the call for the protection of young girls and boys.

Since its release, the song has been receiving rave reviews, with being an anthem against pedophilia.

It has also spawned a challenge on social media in which she has asked persons to share their thoughts on the song with the top ten persons being afforded the chance to attend a rehearsal with her.