Lila Iké blasting the Sound System for Europe

Reggae newcomer Lila Ilké is ending her 2019 in Europe for a Sound System Tour. This will be the 25-year-old’s second time in Europe for this year after she completed her Second Chance summer tour.

The Sound System tour started yesterday, November 21 through to December 4th. Iké will share her vocals in countries such as Belgium, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Italy, Germany and Spain.

The Where I’m Coming From singer shared a vlog of Day 1 of her tour with her impressive fanbase on Instagram today (Nov 22).

Iké will conclude her year-end engagements in Dubai on December 7th for a festival in collaboration with Puma Middle East. She will be joined by fellow reggae singers Sevana, Koffee and sound system Chromatic Live.