Lila Iké claps back at fan who bashed her participation in “dreaded” indigenous Mexican ritual

Reggae singer, Lila Ike

Reggae singer Lila Iké has been in Mexico celebrating her 27th birthday and has virtually taken her Instagram followers along with her. The I Spy singer has kept fans updated on her adventures daily by posting them on the ‘Gram.

One of those adventurers was participating in an age-old indigenous practice that is meant to purify the body and mind. It’s called the “Temazcal’ ceremony, which was performed by Mayan Indians in Mexico. And Lila Iké was pretty excited to share this experience.

“This is a pre-Hispanic practice by indigenous people where volcanic rocks are heated in a fire and brought inside a pyramid- sprinkled with different essential oils and herbs which creates a steam which you sit in for at least an hour.”

Lila Iké explains, “this process was usually used to heal the sick, after battle and often women would deliver their babies in them. It is usually referred to as the “womb of the earth.”. Definitely an amazing experience I sang the whole time…BEST WAY TO RING IN 27,” she said.

And while the majority of fans commended Lila Iké for trying something new, one didn’t like it. In fact, he went as far as calling out the “dreaded” origins of the practice.

“There is a current trend to romanticise the native cultures as if they were all good and righteous when in fact they were NOT. The Mayans were notorious for their human and animal sacrifices, bloodthirst and heart removal. Pre-Hispanic Mexico was indeed dreaded than the colonisers themselves but I guess is not trendy to accept the true in this times,” he wrote.

“I guess when all this was happening back then Christians might have been viewed as the solution to this barbaric culture however it was not as they too made atrocities, still look very beautiful indeed.”

But Lila Iké wasn’t having this attempt to spoil her vacation.

“Bredda I wasn’t there they may have very well been just like the evil that is present even now. I merely went into a pyramid and sweat and hold a medz allow me the opportunity to express my gratitude for my PERSONAL experience,” she replied.