Lila Iké drops sensual visuals for ‘Forget Me’

InDiggNation’s curly fro Queen, Lila Iké, is upping the ante on sensuality in the recently released visuals for Forget Me.

Lila Iké shows off a more sensual side in her ‘Forget Me’ class. (Photo: Lila Iké /Twitter)

Iké, who usually steers clear of flaunting sex appeal, has been oozing flirty vibes this year, first with I Spy and now this Shane Creative-directed video. Forget Me features, for the first time in an Iké music video, a male co-star, Jeff Crossley. It also integrates cool colours, neon lighting, cabin vibes and Afro-Bohemian aesthetic to complement Iké’s softness and vulnerability.

The Phillip ‘Winta’ James-produced joint tells the tale of a woman at her wits’ end with a trifling man. Viewers are immediately placed in this tumultuous union, with Iké and her partner at odds before he leaves the home. Iké goes off in a cool and deadly style about this love gone sour, declaring her innocence, which perfectly fits the innocence suggested by the flowers in her hair, silk nightgown and soft glam.

Lila Iké new visual is directed by Shane Creative. (Photo: Lila Iké /Twitter)

It wouldn’t be a Lila Iké video if she didn’t throw in some androgynous style, and a jacket-pant fit paired with Chuck Taylor do the trick when the camera switches scenes to her cruising in a drop-top convertible.

Forget Me forms part of Iké’s debut EP, The ExPerience, which premiered on May 15. The project provides a journey through the nuances of love and fame, humble beginnings, spirituality and destiny, ribboned with girly vibes.

‘Forget Me’ is part of Lila Iké’s debut album, The ExPerience. (Photo: Lila Iké /Twitter)

The seven-track project is the first from the Protoje-led camp since announcing a partnership with RCA and Six Course Records in April.