Lincoln 3Dot shares how he stopped selling drugs and changed his life

US-based dancehall artist Lincoln ‘3Dot’ Richardson is reminding folks that they hold the greatest influence in who they become.

The deejay recently opened up about his own story of being involved in unlawful activities while growing up in August Town, St Andrew.

“Mi grow up fi be the total opposite a weh mi suppose to be,” he said in an online video.

“Mi deal with whole heap a trauma, whole heap a f**kery. Mi get exposed to whole heap a tings too. Mi fada used to sell coke and sh*t like that and mi used to help out with it… From mi a likkle youth mi a handle cocaine…mi mean f**king 10-years-old and mi just choose fi be weh mi waan fi be… When mi about 13 or suh mi start lock mi first mattic… Mi have this gun yah and mi feel like seh mi a di man and dawg mi just mek a different turn and do something different.”

But not before experiencing some rough times. He was left to live on his own after his father died and his other family members relocated.

The entertainer recalled having to drop out of high school at age 14 because of no funds, and having to rely on a close friend for daily meals.

Since migrating to The States several years ago, Richardson said he has gone through counselling to confront and heal from his childhood trauma.

“Everything haffi do wid you,” he said. “Some people seh dem a di product of them environment but you could end up be the total opposite of what your environment did a push yuh fi be because if yuh pree me, mi supposed to be a big f**king drug dealer right now… If all mi friends dem from August Town and Hermitage hear mi a talk bout bloodcl**t anger management counselling dem look pan mi weird…”

Besides his music, he is also the founder of Powaful Products and Powaful Business, the latter offering courses in business development for entrepreneurs.

“A just my journey that and sometimes you will see people and you’ll see them happy and yuh see things a gwaan fi dem and yuh just nuh know dem journey… Mi feel like everything when mi a get right now, mi f**king deserve this sh*t… My life hard.”