Lisa Hanna says no glitzy campaign when “people are starving out there”

Lisa Hanna says her campaign for president of the People’s National Party (PNP) will not be a showy one when “people are starving out there”.

Member of Parliament and PNP presidential hopeful Lisa Hanna

Hanna, who serves as Member of Parliament for St Ann South Eastern, said she cannot find it in her to run a race of extravagance even as people continue to face the fall-out of the coronavirus pandemic.

“I want a practical, pragmatic, compassionate campaign, which is relevant to the times that we are living in. Because it would be audacious, it would actually be almost obscene, if I was spending the kind of exorbitant money on running a very glitzy campaign… Mi a tell you dat straight. I cyaan find it in me,” she said during a Jamaica Observer Monday Exchange yesterday.

Hanna’s opponent, Mark Golding, launched his virtual campaign, which included actress Sheryl Lee Ralph and business heavy hitters Chris Dehring and Joe Matalon, on Sunday. There was also a musical set by reggae artiste Taurrus Riley.

The PNP will elect a new president during an internal election on November 7, after outgoing leader Peter Phillips resigned following the party’s disastrous showing at the September 3 General Elections.