Lisa Hyper apologises to Spice for “past disrespect”

Dancehall artistes Spice (Left) Lisa Hyper (right)

Dancehall artiste Lisa Hyper is offering an olive branch to the self-proclaimed ‘Queen of the Dancehall’, Spice. Having come to the realisation that “peace is much easier than war and healing is important”, Lisa Hyper has decided to put the 12-year beef between her and Spice to rest.

“I want to say a big big sincere humble apology to Grace “Spice” Hamilton for the past disrespect and I want to move past this, and this is why I’m doing this. The past is the past, and you gotta have a past to have a future,” she said in a video posted on her Instagram account.

“Mek we stop the foolishness and be the big role model and the star role model fi di fans dem,” she implored Spice.

The feud between Spice and Lisa Hyper escalated in 2009, after Lisa Hyper released a diss track for Spice following her Sting performance. Spice then responded with a vicious track entitled Draw Me Out.

But after sharing that they’ve been in malice for “no reason” Lisa Hyper is determined to fix things.

“Today I want to say I’m growing and healing. I still mess up but I’m trying to fix things. Spice I’m sorry for the way I allowed the traditions of war in our music made me feel and treated you. You have done wonderful things for this business, females in the business and Jamaica. I want to let you know Im humbled and I appreciate you,” she wrote.

The ‘Gaza First Lady’ also used the opportunity to clear the air about any other beef she may have with other female dancehall artistes.

“I’m just here to clear the air that I have no beef with no female entertainers, I appreciate all of you guys because all of you guys contribute to the dancehall music,” she said.