Lisa Hyper conned by fake Shorty and Spice accounts

Dancehall artiste, Lisa Hyper

Trolls got the best of singjay Lisa Hyper yesterday by pulling the good old internet facade of a fake page.

During an Instagram Live, Hyper got really excited when she saw a request from ‘The Real Short Boss Muzik’ to join her Live.

Short Boss, also known as Tanesha ‘Shorty’ Johnson, is the longtime spouse of incarcerated deejay Vybz Kartel. Just last month, there seemed to be contention in the Gaza Empire camp as Johnson took to social media to declare that she is Kartel’s ‘First Lady’, days after Hyper laid claim on the title.

“Shorty, see the real boss ya,” Hyper said when she accepted the request.

A video of Johnson driving and vibing to a song from Shaneil Muir was used to trick Hyper.

“So how yuh face so serious? Fix yuh face man, why yaa serious up yuh face so fah?” Hyper asked.

The online imposter adjusted the angle of the clip to cover Johnson’s mouth, then responded, “I’m driving.”

After exchanging pleasantries, Hyper dug the hole to her own roasting.

“Yuh nah mek mi voice fi yuh?” she asked.

“I’m gonna call you back when I’m finished driving,” the con woman said.

“Alright call mi back. You have mi number?”

“Yeah I got it.”

“Alright, call mi when yuh done…”

This is when one would squeal with joy as the ladies seemed to have ironed out their ‘First Lady’ differences and are en route to making some music for Johnson’s Short Boss Muzik label. But no, the roasts came as viewers exhausted the laughing emoji, and gave Hyper the biggest ‘L’ for not recognising the video and the reflection of the phone screen.

“Trick mi good, good too enuh, a it the people dem a laugh bout,” Hyper said while speaking to a friend. “Dem fi laugh after mi, mi fool yuh f**k.”

She added, “Mi nuh know nothing bout dem something deh, yuh nuh see a music mi do? Mi know nothing bout nuh internet and fake page? So if unno a laugh after mi, laugh after mi and done…me is a internet yamhead…”

At least she could make fun of the situation. She even laughed at herself for asking Johnson for a recording opportunity.

“Mi all a tell Shorty seh mi waan voice fi har,” she burst out laughing. “Mi so happy seh Shorty seh fi add her, mi nuh memba nothing bout fake page and dem something deh… People really find time fi do dem something deh?”

It didn’t end there. She attempted to re-add the page to expose the fraudster, but had no luck.

Her excitement resurfaced when she saw ‘Spice Official’ in the comments, but soon realised it was just another troll. The two deejays recently reconciled after a decade-old beef. After adding the ‘Spice Official’ account to the Live, there was only a black screen before the person ended the call.