Lisa Hyper says she was never pregnant

Dancehall artiste, Lisa Hyper

Earlier this year, dancehall artiste, Lisa Hyper sparked pregnancy rumours when she emerged with a growing tummy.

But the Which Gyal artiste cleared up that gossip when she revealed on a recent episode of Spice It Up, that she was never pregnant. Instead, she said she was dealing with hormonal issues.

“I wasn’t pregnant. I actually thought I was pregnant because I had all the symptoms of a pregnant woman. Belly did a grow, foot did a swell, but basically, it was a hormone problem. My hormones are off-balance,” she said.

She also ensured she cleared the air for those who might assume that she did an abortion.

“Mi neva dash weh no belly, and mi neva pregnant. Mi a 32-years-old so by now mi wudda really need a child, so mi couldn’t dash weh no belly,” she said.

“I have to be dealing with his with an open mind because it’s very sensitive and I really thought that I was pregnant. But mi good.”