Listen up! Gully Bop tells people to wash their hands

Gully Bop is telling folks to wash their hands …but it’s not what you think.

Gully Bop

Since the confirmation of COVID-19 in Jamaica back in March, several public figures have implored Jamaicans to wash their hands as a safety measure to prevent the spread of the virus.

Gully Bop’s latest release is called Wash Your Hands, but he’s not talking in relation to the pandemic. He’s targeting people who generally don’t wash their hands yet want to cook for him, roll his spliff or get intimate.

Yuh waan roll man spliff, gwaan go wash yuh hand/ And yuh just done p*ss, gwaan go wash yuh hand…/ Nastiness a nuh my style dat, waan cook food gimmie and fingernail black/ Bout you a hot gyal and yuh pot dem black/ House dutty-dutty full a roach and rat/ Pure cobweb deh inna yuh housetop/ You a gwaan like yuh hot true yuh b*tty look cock/ Cleanliness, wash yuh hand dem/Dutty yuh lifestyle, haffi condemn…

Still recording music

OK, you get the gist. The music video premiered last week and has reaped almost 200,000 views on Youtube. Some viewers have expressed shock that the artiste is still recording music, while others are co-signing his message.

“Well this is history, honestly thought he was done with the music thing,” one person said.

“Gully Bop for Minister of Health.”

“This sounds like a hit.”

“Relevant message in this time.”

“All wah gwaan Gully Bop makes really good songs better dan nuff artist a road.”

Cleanliness has always been an important topic for Bop. He has been known to blast former lovers for having unhygienic lifestyles, though some have also made those claims about him.

The deejay, whose given name is Robert Malcolm, started a music career as ‘Country Man’ in the 1990s, and experienced a resurgence after a video performance went viral in 2014.