Lizzo sends Cardi B flowers with handwritten note

Rapper Cardi B (left) singer Lizzo (right)

“Flowers for a flower!”, that the message on a handwritten note sent by Lizzo to Cardi B, congratulating her on her success this summer. Cardi B’s controversial WAP topped both the Billboard Hot 100 and was the first-ever number one female rap collab in the UK.

“Congrats on all your success this summer – Know you are loved and are love. P.S – I’m sending you something good this week. Love, Lizzo!” the note continued.

A cheerful Cardi B showed off the beautiful bouquet her Hustlers co-star sent on her Instagram Story last night.

“Isn’t Lizzo like the nicest person in the world?” the 27-year-old rapper mused in the video. “Look what she sent me! She is just a beautiful a– person, I just love her so much. These are so pretty!” she said while caressing the flowers.

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Take a look at the beautiful flowers here, BUZZ Fam.