Lizzo tried to put her “obese” bank account on a diet

To say Lizzo is tired of having her weight being discussed is an understatement.

The Truth Hurts singer took to Instagram yesterday (March 6) to address trolls who seemingly have a vested interest in her weight. Imagine being asked how you deal with being obese everyday? Well, she had the perfect response.

Feigning tears, the Grammy Award winner shared, “I wake up into my obese bed,” she began. “I have to get like a king bed because I’m so obese.”

She continued, “I put on my obese Louis Vuitton house slippers, and I walk into my massive, obese bathroom and I just stare into my wall-to-wall, obese mirror and lather myself in the most obese, expensive oils and creams, and — oh, god — I walk into my obese, gorgeous, mid-century modern kitchen, and by the time I’ve made it into my kitchen, I’ve already made another obese million dollars.”

“My bank account is so fat,” she sobbed. “My bank account is so obese, and, like, I tried to put it on a diet but she’s just so stubborn, like, she won’t listen.”

Now, if that’s not a reason for everyone to mind their own business and stay out of people’s health, then we don’t know what is.