“Look at my egg!”: Ishawna shows off teenage son

Dancehall artiste Ishawna

Jamaican artiste Ishawna is flaunting her “legendary” egg. 

The Restraining Order entertainer usually keeps her son, Oshawn, and motherhood away from the spotlight, but couldn’t help but post a video of him on Instagram yesterday. The teenager was enraptured in his phone when his mom started recording.

“Hello,” Ishawna said sternly to get his attention. Her voice quickly softened when he raised his head and gave her a smile.

“Awwwwww look at him, look at him. Look at my egg, look at my egg, my egg, my egg, ohh look at that, look at my egg,” she repeated animatedly.

Oshawn was caught blushing and in one instance covering his face as Ishawna beamed with pride over her co-production with former fiancé and selector Foota Hype.

She completed the post with the caption “Watch good egg #MyGeneral #HeartString #WombBlessed.”

The video has attracted more than 100,000 views with fans just as enamored with her love bug.

“Shawna he looks just like you, especially from teenage years,” one fan said.

“Fava him mada bad.”

“That was one good egg!! So cute!”

“Mi glad a u him fava…a di truth.”

Another pitched, “Daughter-in-law me plz.”

Her son lives in The United States with Ishawna’s family, and it seems there was a fambam link-up last night as Ishawna also posted clips of her grandmother’s 80th birthday celebration.

Her grandmother, Ruby, played a pivotal role in her upbringing, and Ishawna didn’t shy away from showing off her youthful Nana.

“If you know me you know how much I love my grandma,” she said in one post.

In another, she showed her Nana’s glistening silver dress.

“Hot girl! Mama I love your dress, look at this, you’re a hot girl.”

The 34-year-old also shared clips of her Nana’s blinged-out cake, her singing aunt, a plate of curried mutton and a ludo board.