Louis Vuitton pulls ‘Jamaican flag inspired’ design after backlash

Louis Vuitton has seemingly pulled a design it incorrectly labelled as ‘inspired” by Jamaica’s flag’.

The Louis Vuitton pullover which was mislabeled as ‘Jamaican inspired’ (Photo: Louis Vuitton

The move comes days after the fashion house revealed the “Jamaican Stripe Pullover” on its website, which it said drew inspiration from the Caribbean island. Except the colours were all wrong. The design was green, yellow and red and not Jamaica’s recognisable black, green and gold; an error which many media houses and individuals pointed out online.

With BET described the faux pas as “cringe-worthy and displayed a blatant lack of research” while reggae icon Bob Marley’s daughter, Cedella, called out the brand on her Instagram page. She captioned a photo of her father, wearing a sweater with similar colours, “Bob says that’s the Ethiopian flag @louisvuitton”.

Checks to the label’s website have revealed that the design, which was being sold for US$1,340,  has since been pulled, at least from its online pages.