Love to see it! Jada Kingdom happy she can now sing Shenseea’s songs publicly

Jada Kingdom tweeted that she is happy she can now sing along to Shenseea’s songs publicly.

The feud between Jada Kingdom and Shenseea is over and while fans of the two celebrated their resolution, no one is happier than Jada who says she won’t have to hide and sing along to Shenseea’s songs.

The WiN artiste took to Twitter yesterday, August 12, to share “Due to ow mi glad she mi can stap hide mi mout and sing along to Shenseea song dem wen mi gout”.

Fans of the two were quick to laud her public comments with one commenting “One thing now, yu see dah bloodc***t girl yah heart??? It clean yu f*** b and I love to see it”.

Another added, “Love this….Bwoiii a the colab me a wait pan. Jamaica wouldn’t good again”, while another said “I am happy to hear y’all is getting along and getting over the situation that y’all did had…I love both of y’all are great artists.”

Following the death of Shenseea’s mom, Jada Kingdom offered condolences and said she was done beefing with her former friend.

The two up-and-coming artistes have established themselves as leaders in dancehall’s burgeoning talent pool but had a falling out a couple years ago. Following the death of Shenseea’s mom in June, the Heavy artiste said she was done beefing with her one-time friend, tweeting “I really hate how we always wait until something tragic happens to spread peace and show each other love. I wanna say i get it but that shit is sad & lame…let’s fix that!”

The two took their rekindling friendship to the next level when they began following each other on Instagram earlier this month, followed by Shenseea showing some love to Jada Kingdom under an Instagram post in which the latter was celebrating having three songs trending on YouTube’s top 10.