Luciano and Mikey calls for a ‘Redemption’

From left Dinero, Luciano & Mikey General 

Reggae singers Luciano and Mikey General are calling for a reawakening of consciousness in society at large.

“The world is in a terrible state right now. There are too many negative forces pressuring the minds of the younger generation right now. We need a change. Jah said, ‘Singers and musicians, all my springs are in thee,’ so it is our responsibility to teach the youths and save them from destruction,” said Luciano.

Luciano and Mikey General are currently promoting a new single titled Redemption. The song was produced by the New York base Dub-Stuy sound-system crew on a remake of the timeless, Answer rhythm called the Answer 2021.

“The music affects the mind of the people. So if you give them negative music, it will negatively impact their minds, and if you give them positive music, it will positively impact their minds. So we choose to give them positive music because we want the youths to be conscious and wise,”said Mikey General.

He added, “This is a dancehall tune, and it has a positive message. We would love to see other artistes sending out the same vibration to youths with Reggae and Dancehall music. It’s time for a redemption.”

“We have to use the music to bring about a redemption in the world right now. We have to save the youths; they are the future,” said Luciano.

Redemption is scheduled to be released Dub-Stuy Records on the 16th of July. 

The song is complemented by a fascinating music video that captures the energy and vibes of the sound-system culture. The video was filmed and directed by Raatid Magic Films in Kingston.

The Dub-Stuy crew has worked with several other Jamaican artistes, including veteran Deejays Burru Banton and Cutty Ranks.