Lutan Fyah’s ‘Longest Livah’ album now available on all platforms

Lutan Fyah, the Rastafarian reggae chanter known for his cutting edge, culturally uplifting lyrics has done it again.

The artiste is not superstitious and chose Friday the 13th of September as the release date for his eighteenth album entitled Longest Livah.

The 13 track offering features Dancehall Doctor Beenie Man on the track Never Say Never and Johnny Live on the title track Longest Livah.

The title track speaks to Rastas and black people in general being stereotyped when they travel through airports or seek to do business generally.

“I cannot be fake and try to make music strictly for profit”

— Lutan Fyah

Produced by Locke City Music the album features an array of musical styles including reggae, ska, mento, world beat, the classic rastaman chant and an acapella single.

The opening track, Don’t Put You Trust, is an urge for people to be wary of slick dressed, snake oil salesmen posing as politicians who trick the people with promises and deceit.

“I can only do what the inspiration dictates. I cannot be fake and try to make music strictly for profit. The music is the King’s music and at least some of us have to maintain a royal standard,” Lutan Fyah said.

The artiste takes his listeners back to the days of Orthodox Rastafari with his 7 Million Soldiers which he voices to the infectious beat of the kette, congo and funde drums while chanting down Babylon.

 He also reaches out to those who may be influenced by dons and the gangster life and pleads with them to lead a peaceful life and leave the lure of the gun.

“Those same guns will take your own life,” he warns.

The Longest Livah album is available on all digital platforms