Luxurious! Here’s what the inside Beenie Man’s mother tomb looks like

Dancehall artiste Beenie Man shared this photo of his late mom, Mama Lilieth

Have you seen the inside of Beenie Man’s mother’s tomb? Trust us! it looks like a small studio apartment. We’re talking about a sofa set, a very modern door, and a wall mirror with his mother’s picture on it.

But the centrepiece is his mom’s coffin laying in the middle.

Beenie Man gave us a peek in his mother’s luxurious resting place in St Elizabeth, and the video quickly circulated on social media.

“Yah suh mi deh, mi and mi mada a whole a vibes,” Beenie Man said in the video while giving viewers a 360 view of the tomb.

His mother, affectionately known as “Mama Lilieth” died in September last year after suffering a stroke.

On the day of her funeral, an overwhelmed Beenie Man fainted.