Macka Diamond fires shots at Spice in new song

Veteran singjay Macka Diamond is celebrating her 50th birthday today with a little shade and a new track called Set Me Free.

Dancehall artiste Macka Diamond

The single, which bears revivalist production roots, fires shots at deejay Spice who was accused of engaging in obeah rituals with spiritual advisor Nardo ‘RT Boss’ Smith to stifle Macka’s career.

Produced by Synthdicate Music and Rash Riddimz, the song starts with a montage of Smith saying, “Macka Diamond, the only thing I do in dancehall that is wrong was to stop your career weh Spice instruct mi,” then Macka crying, “Lord forgive them for they know not what they have done.”

Macka continues to take shots at Spice based on Smith’s claims, singing:

Unno nuh see seh dem waan see mi fail

Gweh from side a mi wid unno hypocrite hail

Anno me a tek milk bath fi run place

How long the heathen dem think dem a go reign?…

A money mi a seh, mi nah fight over nuh queen inna no pack…

Macka promoted the track during an Instagram Live earlier filled with scriptures, choirs of “get inna spirit” and birthday bliss. The artiste called the song the best birthday gift, and told fans her special day was off to a great start after a night of drinking with friends.

She encouraged her followers to stream the song and added that it can even be played in church.

“The movie gonna come out next…” she said, no doubt a reference to the recent viral clip of her getting “delivered” from popular New York Bishop Leslie Morgan.

Macka recently said she would no longer speak about the Spice-RT saga after releasing Set Me Free.

Smith, in the meantime, told his followers hours ahead of the song’s premiere that “Macka Diamond is the mother of dancehall and she’s coming back during with a hit song.”

He added, “Shenseea, new queen of dancehall 2021 and more. Gate pull, your time now.”