Macka Diamond gets “delivered” by bishop but people are sceptical

A video of dancehall singjay Macka Diamond being “delivered” by a bishop is attracting criticism on social media.

Dancehall artiste Macka Diamond

In the clip, the artiste is seen kneeling before New York pastor Leslie Morgan, who says the following while rubbing olive oil on her head:

“We declare deliverance, no weapon. We speak life, we speak protection, we speak healing, we speak restoration. You are delivered in the name of Jesus. You are delivered today, you are free today for who the Son set free is free indeed. Be loose, be delivered, be set free. We declare it and we decree it in Jesus name. You are free today.”

A chorus of “Amen” is heard in the background as an eye-shut Macka Diamond – who at this point is being supported by the bishop and another man – raises her hand in a disoriented state. 

It is no secret that the entertainer has been fasting since late December, with the intention of praying out evil spirits and contention that exist among women in dancehall. The fasting accompanied daily prayer sessions alongside dancer-cum-artiste TallUp, and was inspired after spiritual advisor Nardo ‘RT Boss’ Smith claimed he “slowed down” her career to elevate deejay Spice.

While online users seemed more understanding of her fast, they are sceptical about the intentions of the deliverance video.

“I hope this is real and not a music video,” said one person on a blog site. “You can’t play with God these kind of way.”

“I don’t think this was meant to be funny as I find it.”

“So is she going to do gospel music like Lady Saw now?”

“No limit to what and where these entertainers will go for the clout. They will even go to di pit of hell fi go seek attention.”

“Not everything is for the media.”

“Mi feel Macka a pretend…”

Prior to the video, Macka Diamond posted a video of her in prayer, where she asked God to protect her from her enemies and those envious of her career.